In spite of the fact that we are living through an embryonic phase of reconstitution of the proletariat (a sectarian phase par excellence), in spite of the deficiencies, weaknesses, partial experiences and general ignorance of the activity undertaken by communist factions, the need for international centralisation, the need to build a single internationalist and communist leadership is making itself felt all over the world today, albeit in an embryonic form.

Ranged against this development are a collection of ideologies which, once again constitute the main obstacle to this tendency. In the first place, it is important to point out all the ideologies which suppose that the future "International" will arise by a simple addition of already constituted national parties. Along the same lines, there is a whole series of "creators of internationals" who, in general, have almost nothing to do with the international proletariat's real community of life and struggle and who, through interminable theoreticist debates come up with a collection of formal principles to which they intend to make the movement adhere. They even manage to dream up a collection of ideological norms (declaration of principles) which, according to them, will guarantee against deviations.

No organisation, no product of the working class serving the social revolution, has ever been organised on such a basis. This is the classic schema for Capital's ideological organisations, from churches to the bourgeois political parties.

In particular, all these builders of internationals are following the historical line of the Second International and its formal centre.

The international organisation of the proletariat will be the historic (and not immediate) product of the organisation and centralisation of the community of struggle against Capital, which develops practically and as such will be, once again, outside and against all those who claim to mould the movement by proclaiming a collection of ideological principles from the heights of their pedestals.

The effective prefiguration of tomorrow's international party already exists today in the real action of a whole of not yet centralised proletarian minorities who, in the real struggle and through their successive ruptures, join the historical line of the invariant programme and the party.

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