The present epoch (as well as future epochs) is one of growing socio-economic and political crisis of Capital on the international level and of irregular and difficult reemergences of the proletariat on the worldwide level. The present epoch affirms the tendency to the worldwide organisation of the proletariat, albeit with enormous difficulties given the decades of uninterrupted counter-revolution, the cracks only appearing with the great social explosions which are becoming more and more frequent. It is also an epoch in which groups organised consciously and determinedly on the basis of the affirmation of the communist programme are a tiny minority. It is a period in which the fundamental characteristics of the sectarian phases which precede all phases of real proletarian affirmation are being repeated, an epoch in which the developing community of struggle of the proletariat on a world level against Capital is only conscious of its objectives in the activity developed by a few nuclei of communist militants scattered across the globe. The activity of organising and centralising this community is and will be decisive. On the international level, the activity of the class's real vanguard to enable this community of struggle to become conscious of its own strength, objectives and perspectives is and will be central.

This tendency towards the worldwide organisation of the proletariat, towards its programmatical affirmation and its organic centralisation confronts, and will do so each time more violently, all the forces and ideologies of the counter-revolution as described in these Theses on a partial level (although care has always been taken to expose their common essence). This tendency particularly confronts all the "bearers of consciousness for the class", all the builders of parties and internationals who consider that the "objective conditions" are ripe and that having "consciousness and will" is enough to create the party", the "International" and who, in practice, are acting in flagrant opposition to the community of action of the revolutionary proletariat.

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