The proletarian state has nothing to do with the existing bourgeois state or with a "workers'" government. The objective of the proletariat's struggle is not to "take the political power of the state and put it to its service", as the bourgeois state (whoever may be leading it) will continue unstoppably to reproduce Capital. Any attempt to use the bourgeois state in the service of the proletariat is a reactionary utopia and is one of the best methods of the counter-revolution for diverting the devastating effects of a workers' insurrection against the bourgeois state and against the tyranny of value valorising itself. The struggle of the proletariat has, on the contrary, the objective of the destruction, the demolition from top to bottom of the bourgeois state and of its socio-economic power. The bourgeois state will never whither away. It is necessary to suppress and demolish it by means of violence, at the same time as suppressing the mercantile and democratic dictatorship from which it emerged and which it reproduces. On the contrary, the only state which will whither away is that of the proletariat (the "semi-state") which, in the course of its development, consolidation and extension, abolishes itself in the very process of liquidating Capital.

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