However, if it is true that the general condemnation of terrorism or of workers' violence (necessarily minoritarian in its early stages) is the general practice of reformism and of counter-revolution, to deduce from this that violence or armed action is in itself revolutionary is an ideological absurdity whose principal objective is to contain and liquidate the combative sectors of the proletariat by making them serve a reformist and bourgeois project. It is a moral point of view to consider that armed struggle contains in itself either revolutionary virtues or "human perversion", that terror is intrinsically good or bad, independent of the class programme that it develops and independent of the social project carried by this class, which is what will inevitably determine the form and the real content of this violence. It is the point of view of priests, idealists and voluntarists of all types, diametrically opposed to the materialist conception of history and constitutes an obstacle to revolutionary practice. It is certain that the social revolution will be necessarily violent but it is completely wrong to pretend that violence necessarily leads to revolution. Reform and revolution are not distinguished by whether or not they use violence, but rather by the global social practice in the service of or against the reformed reproduction of the system. The bourgeoisie also uses armed struggle in its war. Opposition fractions, reformists, nationalists of all kinds... have always resorted to violence and to armed struggle to defend their own interests in occupying or participating in the leadership of the state, to change its form, to impose some variation in the form or type of capitalist accumulation that will guarantee them a greater part of the increase in surplus value... Well armed though they may be, "revolutionary" as their leaders may claim they are... these struggles are nothing to do with affirming revolution against reform. On the contrary, they are the affirmation of reform and capitalist war against the proletariat and the revolution.

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