The proletariat is the bearer of a society which is classless and without the violence inherent to class societies. The society from which it emerges is based on bourgeois terrorism, independent of the more or less open form, with which the bourgeoisie exercises its dictatorship. The cannibilism of the counter-revolution, the state or "para-state" white terror obliges (and determines) the proletariat to respond to this terror by means of revolutionary violence, by red terror.

The organisation of this violence which surges forward spontaneously from the very soil of this terrorist society and the decisions regarding its application, are decisive elements for preventing generalised slaughter, for diminishing and shortening the birth pains of the new society. This is why communists are not only not opposed to this violence but, on the contrary, place themselves at its head in order to lead it. Pacifism (and anti-terrorism in general), as well as the social-democratic distinction between the violence of the working class "as a whole" and violent "individual" actions or between "violence" and "terrorism", have never been - and can never be - anything other than a cynical manifestation of counter-revolutionary ideology.

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