The development of exchange has brought about fractures and separations of greater and greater importance in human activity and, consequently, has brought each aspect of this activity into the grip of the more and more omnipotent Law of Value. Capital has perfected this process by subsuming every area of human praxis and by appropriating and deviating all of man's creative activity towards the realisation of its own needs of accumulation. By definitively separating creativity from the rest of human activity it defines Art as the only field for expression and creation, as the place and moment of all possible meaning, precisely because life itself has lost all meaning. Art serves as an outlet, as a ghetto, as an open wound of the capitalist system where its putrefaction can fester. Capital encourages any writing, speaking and drawing as long as these artistic products remain in the domain of representation of what is lived, of the spectacle, without ever breaking through the barriers towards the transformation of life. Within these limits, these products are no more than commodities like any other.

Popular art, anarcho art, "proletarian" art and its "worker" miserabilism... are merely different reformist and democratic proposals which aim to sublimate the most spectacular aspects of the misery of the proletarian condition by failing to see and to show anything but misery in misery, in an attempt to keep the proletariat happy in its condition of exploited class.

Contrary to what all radical reformists defend, the alienation of art does not reside in the fact that art makes an abstraction of misery (given that leftist artists fill this void!) but rather in the fact that it is creativity alienated, the alienation of all creativity, element of the bourgeois state which reinforces and reproduces capitalist society.

The communist revolution will destroy Art (including "proletarian" art) as a product of class societies, as an activity of human beings that is fragmented and divided under Capital. The communist revolution will realise the creative aspirations of Man, which art pretends to respond to in an alienated form.

This proletarian destruction of Art and, more globally, of the partitioning of different activities under Capital, can be found even today (and it's an old workers' tradition!) in embryonic form in the inventive sabotage of means of bourgeois domination and terror, in the sabotage of machines, in the turning around of their weapons, in the methods developed for escaping from or outwitting state control, in using the bosses' equipment for our own purposes, in absenteeism... and more generally in all the imagination and creativity shown by our class in its struggle to subvert this world.

Generalised insurrection will be a profoundly creative act, "artistic" even, and a crucial step in the revolutionary destruction of Art.

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