Capital has made work the most important activity to which everyone is subordinated, man's essential activity. (We are not considered for who we are but for "what we do in life", which in this society means "profession", "job"). It thus couldn't be more coherent that all the ideologies of bourgeois society make work the essence of the human being and that this ideology is reproduced and supported by the hundreds of millions of citizens who waste their lives every day to "make a living".

Consistent with this, all the ideologies of Capital are based on sacrifice, renunciation, the internalisation of emotions, feelings, sensations... To work corresponds sacrifice, and to sacrifice, religion (including the Marxist-Leninist religion of the state!) as justification for the repression of every manifestation of passions and human, physical and bodily enjoyment.

From the apologies of the left and miserabilists of the poor proletarian to the dogmas of priests of every kind, they all offer us "the afterlife", "the society to come" and death as the recompense and place of realisation for men who, in the "present life", must live in sacrifice, renounce all enjoyment and repress all pleasure.

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