Capital only reproduces proletarian humanity in so far as it is an instrument of work and a source of valorisation. The "factories" where the proletariat reproduces itself as proletarians, in which the species reproduces itself as simple labour power for Capital are the family, schools, hospitals, churches, institutions of social security, prisons, etc. All these institutions are, from top to bottom, determined by the reproduction not of human beings but of wage slavery. They will be abolished by the communist revolution along with the society from which they emerged.

Faced with the impossibility of denying the obvious antagonism between social revolution and the reproduction of all institutions reproducing private property and the society of Capital, the classical approach of revisionism, social democracy, is to recognize in its maximum programme for after the revolution the existence of this antagonism in a camouflaged form. In doing so it sabotages all practical and concrete struggle against those institutions even to the point of being sufficiently insolent to go as far as defending the existence of the "proletarian family" or schools purified of all excesses... under full socialism! However, all real struggles by the proletariat have confronted these institutions and, in various forms, have fought against them. In all deep proletarian revolts an irreconcilable opposition appears not only to institutions such as churches and prisons, but also to the family and schools, etc. The essence of all these institutions (family and schools included) is the reproduction of private property and the state, whose very structure reproduces the individual producer of surplus value, the "prole" as familial property, reproduces sex or age based division of labour necessary for the reproduction of Capital's labour forces and reproduces the discipline necessary to maintain wage exploitation, etc.

The struggle against the family, school, just as the struggle against prisons, churches, social service institutions or any other type of capitalist institution is a fundamental struggle which is inseparable from all communist struggle against this society. Just as one cannot put a problem as important as trade unionism to one side until after the insurrection (given that we are confronted by it in every major struggle), it is counter-revolutionary to postpone the struggle against schools, the family, etc. until after the insurrection.

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