The force of counter-revolution bases itself today on the exploitation of all the weaknesses of the great international revolutionary wave of the years 1917-1923, made possible by the political and organisational destruction of the communist factions who began to draw up a balance sheet of this period.

The counter-revolution erected the myth of the "workers' state in one country" over the dead body of the revolutionary proletariat (the myth of "socialism in one country" is merely its right-wing variant), which served to use millions of proletarians as cannon fodder in capitalist war. This so-called "Workers' State", just like all the others which adopted this or other similar denominations (Eastern Europe, Cuba, China, Angola, Vietnam, Algeria, Mozambique, Nicaragua...), is no more nor less than a capitalist state whose ideology has expressly usurped some Marxist phrases to better hide its bourgeois character. The whole planet is capitalist. The communist revolution will be worldwide or it will not be.

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