"Workers'" democracy (that is to say: "the government of working people") maintains all the mediations between politics and economics and between man and society which are specific to capital. It substitutes the cult of parliament and the freedom of atomised individuals for that of "democratic soviets", "free unions", "sovereign general assemblies" and the "free worker", which, from the point of view of content, are exactly the same: in both cases the subject is not a subversive class, with a revolutionary programme and direction, but a free individual, whether "a worker" or not. To the bourgeois democratic version of the a-classist myth of the citizen, the people, the Nation corresponds this other version of workers democracy (just as a-classist and bourgeois) of "the workers", "the proletarian masses" (defined sociologically) and the "exploited majority". Once again, the terminology "worker" serves to hide and to pass off democracy, the foundation stone of capitalist society, as a workers' victory.

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