The division of the world into three worlds - "capitalist", "socialist" and "under-developed or third-world" - is a product of the proletariat's defeat, aiming to consolidate and perpetuate this division in order to destroy the organic unity of interests and objectives of the international proletariat.

Even when this ideology is used "innocently" as "a simple description of reality" it contains within it the destruction of the worldwide proletariat because all such forms of ideology presuppose that the proletariat should take on different tasks in each one of the "different worlds".

Over and above what those ideologists support consistently or otherwise, all ideologies such as the need to deepen democracy or to fight for socialism in the "first world" alone, the need for political reforms (or for "political revolution") in the "second world", the need for bourgeois democratic tasks and national liberation in the "third world" lead irrevocably to the proletariat's self-negation as an international class and this means, in practice, that proletarians are made to participate in various inter-fractional fights and capitalist wars, in permanent capitalist wars for dividing up the world.

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