The workers have no homeland and one cannot take away from them what they don't possess. Any form of defence of the nation, whatever the pretext, is in reality an attack on the whole worldwide working class. Under the reign of the bourgeoisie, all wars are imperialist wars, with two or more opposing fractions or groups whose interests are world capital. The proletariat wages and demands only one war: social war against the whole bourgeoisie. Independent of the immediate intentions of the protagonists, the essential function of wars is to assert Capital and to objectively and subjectively smash the subversive class at the heart of this society. Therefore, far from being "simple" wars between national states, between the forces of "national liberation" and "imperialist" forces or "inter-imperialist wars", they are, in their essence, wars of capital against communism.

In the face of all the inter-bourgeois antagonisms between "progressive" and "reactionary", "fascist" and "anti-fascist", "left wing" and "right wing" fractions (the logical continuation of which is imperialist war) the proletariat has only one possible response: intransigent struggle for its own class interests, against all sacrifices, against every truce and national solidarity, that is revolutionary defeatism, turning its weapons against its "own" exploiters and immediate oppressors. The proletariat's aim is to transform capitalist war into revolutionary war against the worldwide bourgeoisie, by way of the international centralisation of this community of struggle against Capital.

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