Dear reader, after reading the previous analysis of class struggle in Albania, we would like you now to "savour" some selected extracts from Internationalism No. 98 (May-June 1997), paper of the social-democrat ICC. Remember what this group wrote about Iraq at the very moment that proletarians' insurrection broke out there? "The working class is a minority in Iraq... and possesses almost no historical experience of combat against capital."

Once again, we want to denounce the euroracism of ICC. Blinded by their racist vision that, just as any bourgeois paper, divides the planet into developed and under-developed countries, incapable of differentiating the proletarian struggle of our class brothers from an inter-bourgeois fight, they are unable to understand that Capital is worldwide since at least the 15th century and that in its generalisation, capital eliminated, eradicated all other strata to confront only two classes: proletariat against bourgeoisie everywhere on the planet; giving birth, in the same process, to its grave-diggers.

The perle we reproduce below is another example of the same counter-revolutionary content of ICC.

"Albania ... isn't a country like Somalia or Zaire but is situated close to the heart of Europe, a few dozen kilometres from a developed western country like Italy."

"The riots which turned into an uprising have nothing proletarian about them."

"The Albanian working class is too backward, weak and isolated to have any weight in these events. There has not been one action in which the workers have regrouped or organised as an autonomous force in society. The arming of the proletariat is a fundamental necessity for the revolution, but this can only be done through its specific class organs, the workers councils. In the absence of such an organisation of the working class, the arming of the population can only be manipulated by one or another bourgeois clique, in particular fractions of the army, ex-stalinists or the mafias, and can only result in a bloodbath."

(Extracts from "Decaying capitalism is responsible for the chaos in Albania", published in Internationalism No. 98, May-June 1997)

* * *