The first issue of the central review of the ICG in Hungarian
In July 1991, our group published the first issue of the new central review of the ICG in Hungarian. In conformity with our other central reviews, the title of this review is KOMMUNIZMUS (Communism), and its subtitle is "Dictatorship of the proletariat for the abolition of wage labour". KOMMUNIZMUS will be released twice a year (in spring and in autumn).

This new publication of the Internationalist Communist Group (ICG) is a factor and a product of the activity of our group in the region called "Eastern Europe". Hugarian is a language spoken by relatively few people: 10 million in Hungary, 3-4 million in the neighbouring countries -Russia/Ukrania, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Austria-, another million dispersed all over the world from the USA to Australia, to which some more million should be added for whom Hungarian is not the native language but who speak this language due to family links and friendship. In spite of the dispersion of people speaking Hungarian, this language is a means of communication among proletarians in a big region where the open confrontation between bourgeoisie and proletariat is becoming more and more important.

In the regions mentioned above, the communist publications were practically inexistent since the 20's. So besides the necessity of having a central review in a language which is directly or indireclty accessible for the majority of militants, sympathizers and contacts of the ICG in Eastern Europe, and besides the fact that this review represents a new step in the framework of the efforts of our international and internationalist group to reinforce the organic centralisation of the proletarian struggle even in this period of victorious counterrevolution, KOMMUNIZMUS fulfills a historical function as the first concretisation in the region, in the form of a review, of the reemergence of the organized, conscious and voluntary action of the avant-garde of the proletariat fighting against Capital.

Of course, the publication of this review is only a small step forward in this gigantic fight, and the ICG is determined to give a continuity to the efforts made in this direction. In this sense, the structures of the ICG in Eastern Europe prepare texts in other important languages of the region (mainly in Russian and in German). Our group is planning the publication of the "Thesis of Programmatical Orientation" soon in Hungarian and in Russian, and later we intend to publish the first texts in German.

We call on the Internationalist Revolutionaries to contribute to this important historical task.

Read, distribute, KOMMUNIZMUS.

* * *


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